I teach piano for beginners to advanced students of all ages. Between 5 and 6 is a good age to think about starting piano, especially if your child shows interest. There are special method books for early beginners, as well as special books for adults. The student will be able to participate in two or three recitals a year. Along with skills at the keyboard, students will learn music theory and be able to try out music composition and improvisation as their skills build. More advanced students will be able to learn to accompany singers and how to play at church services. 


There are a staggering amount of musical styles in vocal music, but there are foundational concepts that apply to all styles: breath management and tone. No matter what style you sing, I can help you do it better. 

Learn to sustain long notes, expand your range (in both directions), and learn how to identify the different vocal registers in your songs so you know how to approach the phrase. 


Study and performance are different areas. Performance takes what we do in lessons and puts it in front of an audience. When you participate in auditions, competitions, and studio recitals, you learn how to deal with nerves, how to interact with an audience, how to communicate mood and be expressive, how to bow, and a zillion other things we don't always think about. 


Let's work together to find your best audition songs and arias and get them in shape for performances and auditions.  The worst thing is having an audition come up and you aren't ready! 

Even if you currently work with a voice teacher at a school, I can musically coach you to help you learn music, style, and proper pronunciation in French, German, Italian, Russian, Latin, and Spanish. 

Musical theater and opera students have the chance each year to audition for the International Lyric Academy to study abroad in July in Vicenza, Italy and perform operas and revues in the Civic Theater of Vicenza. 


I learned Italian because it is a beautiful language and Italy is one of my favorite places. I can help you learn to speak Italian! Parliamo italiano! 

Please contact me using the Contact page if you have questions or need more information.